Is Anvarol A Good Alternative To Anavar?

Anavar, a widely used steroid around the world, has many medical and off-label uses. Doctors administer it to their patients to treat a multitude of diseases and disorders while many athletes and bodybuilders use it for off-label purposes like building lean mass and performance enhancement. Many of you may be surprised to know that Anavar is the brand name of Oxandrolone. After a series of clinical trials, it was introduced in the US market by a pharmaceutical company in 1964. Its production was stopped in the late 1980s but resumed again later on. It has been sold under different trade names across different countries.

Anavar, an artificial form of anabolic steroid, is a controlled substance in many countries including the United States. It can be bought over the counter on the basis of a doctor’s prescription. It is often used in treating patients of severe burns, osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS, etc. Despite it being a controlled substance, it is obtained by many from the black market to draw benefits in performance enhancement and muscle building.

How does it work?

Anavar belongs to the anabolic steroids family. It operates by increasing protein synthesis in the body. Since it has less masculine qualities than many of the other steroids, it is often used by both the genders. As you may know, some steroids are associated with giving masculine qualities to the consumer while many are considered neutral for both the genders. Men and Women in athletics and bodybuilding profession, often resort to the use of Anavar for building muscles. It is one of the most well tolerated steroids.

It helps in gaining lean muscle mass. Obese people have fluffy muscles while fit people have lean muscles. A high lean muscle mass would mean more strength and endurance. If you are expecting to put on weight then this steroid may not be of much help. This is because it reduces the ability of muscles to retain water thus reducing its weight but increasing its density. Women find it very effective as their expectation of weight increase is just a small percentage of the male expectation. Though the gain in weight is relatively not much, it is more than if you do not take this steroid.

For those looking to shed weight, this steroid would be very useful. It works best in the cutting phase with a properly planned diet. Anavar helps in retaining muscle mass while shedding off the unnecessary fat. If you go for the cutting cycle without Anavar, you will lose muscle mass as well along with fat. It is always better to supplement your cutting phase with a steroid that can give you best of both the worlds.

Many athletes and bodybuilders like Anavar because of its ability to give strength in the muscles. Strength helps you deliver and perform better. It enhances your stamina as well. It increases a person’s healing ability and nitrogen retention ability. Nitrogen itself plays a vital role in our body’s mechanism. The more nitrogen you can retain in body, the more benefit you will draw from it.

Is Anvarol an alternative to Anavar?

Anvarol can get you all the benefits you want from Anavar. First of all, it is safe and legal. You don’t have worry about the FDA when buying Anvarol as it is an alternative to Anavar. It can get you explosive strength and power while burning unnecessary fat in the body. You don’t even need any prescription to buy this product. The dosage is three capsules per day. The consumption should be about 15 minutes after workout every day and you can take it with water. The timeline for dosage is two months followed by about 10 days off. You can stack Anvarol with other supplements as well. These include Winidrol, Trenorol and Clenbutrol. The ingredients of Anvarol include Soy Protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, BCAA, Wild Yam Root, ATP, gelatine capsules and magnesium.

To draw the most benefit, you should keep a regular check on yourself and diagnose your body’s response to the supplement you take. If you find anything abnormal with your body, you should immediately refer to a medical practitioner. Many buyers claim that they saw the results in the first 30 days itself. However, your body’s response to Anvarol may vary and depend on many other factors. As you must know, different body types show different response to each substance. So don’t bother if you don’t see result as fast as your neighbour does. Keep faith and you too would benefit from it.


Don’t try to bring all the changes overnight. You have to be patient with the usage of Anvarol. If you take overdose or extend its consumption beyond the suggested timeline, you may suffer several side-effects. These include increased risk for strokes, heart ailments, liver disorders, etc. However, if used as advised, you too can derive enormous strength and power from this source.