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In the more rural parts of America, finding reliable, high speed internet service can be challenging, but modern life demands that you find it. HughesNet has spent the last forty years developing satellite technology into a Satellite Internet Service that is fast, consistent and available throughout Rhode Island. HughesNet speeds are up to four times faster than your average rural DSL speeds, and a dedicated link to the internet, unlike a shared connection, promotes a stable and consistent service.

High Speed Internet in Rhode Island from HughesNet

When HughesNet promises high speed, it delivers on that promise. HughesNet was honored for the past two years by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for being the internet service provider, among 16 other terrestrial and satellite internet providers tested, who delivered the speeds it advertises the most frequently and consistently. Need more testimonials? HughesNet is also the internet provider to longstanding commercial entities such as Walgreens, Jiffy Lube, and Taco Bell.

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HughesNet Provides High Speed Satellite Internet To Residents in Rhode Island

HughesNet offers high speed internet service to commercial and residential customers throughout the state of Rhode Island that operate and live beyond the reach of established cable and DSL wire infrastructures. Its diverse plan offerings, generous data allowances, and fast speeds make HughesNet the best choice for high speed internet in the rural areas of Rhode Island. From its impressive vantage point 22,000 miles above the Earth in the southern sky, JUPITER 1/EchoStar XVII, the satellite that powers HughesNet’s Gen4 network, delivers speeds up to 15 Mbps to those regions of Rhode Island where wires cannot ever go.

HughesNet's' Satellite Internet Service in Rhode Island

No matter what you are doing online or would like to do online, HughesNet has the plan for you. Gen4 service plans range from 10 gigabytes all the way up to a total of 100 gigabytes, so whether you like to watch movies on Netflix, stream music, hang out on social media or simply read up on world news, HughesNet has a plan specifically tailored to your online needs.

Gen4 service plans also come outfitted with ten email addresses, a portal that you can customize to your own interests and use to manage your account and 24/7 technical support. And HughesNet "smart technology" is always working beyond the screen to address those challenges unique to satellite technology and data allowances. These "smart technologies," as HughesNet calls them, compress data by up to 30 percent and dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to load web pages, so that you, the customer, can get the most out of the data you have purchased. Still not enough data? You can always order more online or upgrade your service plan at no cost to you! Run out of data, but only have a couple days left in your billing cycle? You can still send and receive email, pay your bills online, read the news and more at high speeds! Welcome to high speed internet in rural Rhode Island!

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All HughesNet service plans require a 24-month service commitment.

† Speeds based on the Elite Plus service plan and compared to dial-up speeds of 53 kbps. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

‡ HughesNet is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S. with a clear view of the southern sky, Alaska and Hawaii excluded. When you connect to the Internet using HughesNet, the upload and download speeds you experience will vary based on a variety of factors including the configuration of your computer, the number of concurrent users, network or Internet congestion, the speed of the Websites you are accessing, and other factors. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed During peak hours, actual upload and download speeds will likely be lower than speeds indicated.

HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC.

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